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Homes or cabins that sit on a lake shore or rivers often have a lot more insect problems than other homes. We can offer you a way to greatly reduce or in some cases completely eliminate spiders, getting rid of all the web problems you would have. This is done by applying a pest control product to the outside of your home, garage, shed etc. We apply a residual pest control product to your home in early spring. The application involves a general surface spray or a spot spray, whatever the label allows. Once a product is applied the residual or how long it will last depends on the weather. A once a year application does a very good job but if it is in your budget a spring and fall application is best. Once the insects come in contact with a treated surface they should expire within a day. Spiders are the primary target of this treatment but it will also help with ants, wasps, box elder bugs and Asian beetles.

There is no threat of damage or strain to your house or siding. All products we use state that they will cause the same amount of damage to your home as water would alone.

The typical cost is between $150 and $200 but it depends on the size of the house. We do have customers that pay as much as $400.00 a service but that would have to be a very large home with extra out buildings to be treated. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we would be glad to talk with you.